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A Fine Frenzy also known as Alison Loren Sudol, Alison Monro - View Sheet Music for this Artist
  • Born: 23 December 1984
  • American
  • Occupations: Actor, Musician, Pianist, Singer, Songwriter, Writer
  • Genres: Alternative
  • Instruments: Piano
  • Similar Artists: Christina Perri
A Fine Frenzy

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Genre: Singer Songwriter and Alternative, Popular & Folk

A Fine Frenzy is a pseudonym for Alison Sudol who's Alternative genre of music has done well in her home country of the United States and across many European countries but not the UK. vThere must be a good reason for this but we haven't yet uncovered it. She hasn't released anything since 2012, at the time of writing in late 2016.

Alison clearly has a literary bent as "A Fine Frenzy" is Shakespearean. It comes from "in a fine frenzy rolling" (i.e., rolling in the ecstasy of inspiration) in A Midsummer Night's Dream. She is crafting a secondary career as a writer and working on a children's story in the "Narnia" tradition - it's a fantasy featuring animals.

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