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Elvis Aaron Presley also known as Elvis Aaron, The King of Rock and Roll - View Sheet Music for this Artist
  • American
  • 8th January 1935 - 16th August 1977
  • You might know him for: Muss I Denn (a.k.a Wooden Heart), Love me Tender (a.k.a. Aura Lee), Return to Sender, Jailhouse Rock, All Shook Up

Our Elvis Presley Sheet Music is available below. We have 1048 songs for Elvis Presley Piano, Vocal and Guitar Sheet Music and other instruments.

This includes 776 Duets 7 Ensembles and

Our Elvis Presley Sheet Music is available below. We have 1048 songs for Elvis Presley Piano, Vocal and Guitar Sheet Music and other instruments.

This includes 776 Duets 7 Ensembles.

Genre: Popular & Folk, Rock, Jazz, Country, Traditional and More

Despite humble beginnings, the man who would be the perhaps most remembered musician of the 20th Century went on to make more than 33 films, recorded 94 gold singles, and 40 gold albums. Arguably the biggest cultural icon of Western America, Elvis Presley became a star by 1956 when he was only 21 years old. Although he started his career as a country singer, he was heavily influenced by the black culture surrounding him in his early years, a direct result of having been born and raised in America’s Deep South. Elvis went beyond what anyone had previously attempted in the music industry, and people sat up and took notice. But his successful career would be tainted with obstacles from the very start, and the main hurdle was to overcome the strict conservative society that hung like a black cloud above him. In the 1950’s it would seem a great impossibility for a Caucasian man (with no status nonetheless) to blend gospel, country and rock and roll music together, and appeal to men and women of all races and socio-economic backgrounds. Rockabilly, a blend of country and gospel was unique and different and was what audiences wanted to hear.

Elvis was also what people wanted to see, a dream come true for American teenage girls. His “look” was classic and pure (albeit with much sexual presence), with perfectly coiffed hair, a baby face, and charm to go with it. He was the quintessential boy next door, and he could sing. Television shows soon realized they could capitalize on this new phenomenon, and Elvis was offered spots on the Milton Berle, Steve Allen, and Ed Sullivan shows. But no matter what he sang, and what audiences he would generate for the programs, he received much criticism for being too suggestive. On his last appearance on Ed Sullivan in 1957, to ensure the entertainment was for a family audience, only his torso and face were filmed, as Elvis was by now notorious for gyrating his pelvis when he performed.

It all started in 1954, when Sun Records owner Sam Phillips, took notice of Elvis and had him record some demos. It was with Bill Black (a bassist) and Scotty Moore (guitarist) that the trio recorded “It’s All Right Mama” and became Elvis’ first single. Right at the beginning of his career, Elvis recorded Love Me Tender (renamed from the American folk tune, Aura Lee) which became certified gold in the same year. In 1958, when Elvis entered the Army (leaving in 1960), he made $2 Million alone. Wooden Heart, the English version of Muss I Denn (a German folk song) was featured in Elvis’ fifth movie, G.I. Blues. This was also an instant success for Elvis, and it shot to #1 in the U.K. He was the first artist in the U.K. to have seven #1 hits and holds the record for U.K. number one singles. In 1961, he stopped performing in order to star in movies for the next eight years. The 1960’s saw Elvis enjoy the successes of many #1 hits, his marriage to Priscilla (a teenager), and the birth of daughter Lisa Marie. Divorce came after only 5 years of marriage in 1973, but Elvis carried on with stardom with a TV special a week later that was broadcast to over a billion people in forty countries. It is surprising that with the exception of 3 dates in Canada (all in 1957) and one in Paris (in 1959 while in the Army), Elvis never performed outside of the United States. Elvis was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1986, and his estate now stands at well over $250 Million.

Elvis Presley, the “white man with a Negro sound and a Negro feel”, who captured the hearts and attention of billions of people, died at Graceland when he was just 42. The pressures and excesses of fame, coupled with heart complications and overactive drug use claimed the life of this much-loved music icon. It is quite possible that an event as powerful as Elvis Presley’s global impact on the face of music will never be repeated in the history of rock music.

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