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Johann Strauss also known as Johann Baptist Strauss Sr., the Elder, the Father - View Sheet Music for this Artist

  • Nationality: Austrian
  • 1804 - 1849
  • You might know him for: The Radetzky March

Johann Strauss I was born on 14th March 1804 in Vienna as the son of a landlord. Before turning to music he completed an apprenticeship as a bookbinder (1817). He took violin lessons with Johann Polischansky and learnt music theory with Ignaz von Seyfried. His music career started when he joined M. Pamer´s dance orchestra. There he met J. Lanner whose ensemble he joined in 1819. In 1825 Johann Strauss set up his own dance band, which he soon enlarged to a large orchestra. Beginning in 1833 he took his orchestra to Germany, Paris, London and Scotland. In 1835 he was appointed music director for all court balls, a position and title that was specially created for him. Johann Strauss and J. Lanner developed the new style of the Viennese Waltz, which was to become the most popular dance and social event. Altogether Strauss composed 152 waltzes, 32 quadrilles, 18 marches and 13 polkas. His most famous work that is very closely linked to the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy is the “Radetzky March” . With his first wife Maria Anna Strein he had three sons – Johann – Josef and Eduard – all three became musicians. Johann Strauss died on 25th September 1849 of scarlet fever.

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