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PSY also known as Park Jae-sang, Jai Sang Park - View Sheet Music for this Artist
  • Born: 31 December 1977
  • South Korean
  • Occupations: Dancer, Rapper, Record Producer, Singer, Songwriter
  • Genres: Dance, Popular & Folk
  • Instruments: Vocal

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Genre: Dance, World, Popular & Folk and Rock, Supplementary

How do you put a small area of the world firmly on the map? Write a catchy song with a great dance video to go with it and put an engaging character at the front. Presenting: Psy who did all three in 2012 with Gangnam Style, where Gangnam is a province of South Korea. In October 2012, the 5 month old video on YouTube had had over 500 million views. Mind boggling.

Psy was born in to a wealthy family and was a bit of a renegade at School, often disrupting classes with his bawdy jokes. In 2001 he produced his first album Psy...From the Psycho World! and was fined for inappropriate content.

Gangnam came from Psy's 6th album PSY's Best 6th Part 1

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