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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart also known as Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilius Amadé Gottlieb - View Sheet Music for this Artist
  • a.k.a.: Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilius Amadé Gottlieb Mozart
  • Austrian
  • 27th January 1756 - 1st December 1791
  • You might know him for: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (featured in the film Batman) and The Marriage of Figaro (featured in the film The Shawshank Redemption)

Mozart was last in the line of 7 children, and of the only two who survived infancy. The better part of his young life (and his sister’s) was completely consumed with music lessons from his father, himself a Court composer for the Archbishop of Salzburg, and the children learned from a young age to “wear the iron shirt of discipline.” His relationship with his father characterized his career, and Wolfgang was always seeking to please him. And please him he did. Before he turned five, child prodigy Mozart had learnt to perform his first musical piece (in thirty minutes) and completed his own first composition in the same month. Mozart traveled extensively with his family from the age of 6 to 14, performing for nobility and often being publicly displayed in order to pay the bills. At this age, he had mastered his art, and became very popular, without the strict guidance of his father.

Intent on making it his future home, he moved to France with his mother in 1777. When his mother died the next year, he returned to Austria because of his dislike for the French. Mozart’s life was heavily characterized with illness and while still very young, acquired scarlet fever, arthritis, tonsillitis, angina, and rheumatic fever was to end his life. Death could almost have been predicted, simply because of the fact that he worked himself so hard, and seldom found time for rest. However, as busy as his music kept him, and as poor as he was, Mozart, now 23, wanted a wife and fell in love with his 15 -year old cousin Aloysia Weber but she would not have him on account of him being poor. After the demise of that courtship he quickly turned his eyes toward her sister, Constanze and in 1782 they married. He was at his creative best, and produced the majority of his works after starting his new life. Mozart fathered 6 children, but as was common, only 2 sons survived. These two sons never married, so there are no Mozart descendants living today.

A count of Mozart’s works puts it at 769 compositions, including his immensely popular operas The Marriage of Figaro (1786), Don Giovanni (1787), and The Magic Flute (1791) and Mozart’s most familiar piece Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (1787). As disbelieving as it sounds, in his lifetime, Mozart’s profound musical genius and uncompromising talent never received its worth in financial form. He remained a poor musician his entire life, but never failed in his devotion to his family or to his work. As was the custom for commoners, he was buried in a quiet service in an unmarked grave. To this day, Mozart’s whereabouts inside the cemetery remain uncertain as a result of the constant “rearranging” of the cemetery’s graves and the family’s failure to locate the grave at the time he died.

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