List of New Sheet Music by Title

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Some Other Songs Recently Added

Song Title   Known From Artist/Alternative Song Title
Yaye Yayo
Wild Swans Suite
Valse Triste (Leslie Pearson)
Unhealthy Anne-Marie
Two Weeks Ago Peters, Maisie
Trumpet Minuet
This (Luke Howard)
Sun (Luke Howard)
Sky (Luke Howard)
Secret Agent (Paul Harris)
Sad Café
Rag Doll (Christopher Gunning)
Print Problem
Prelude Op.16, No.4
Prelude For A Single Voice
Nocturne (Luke Howard)
Midnight Commute
Mean Machine
March (from 'Suite In D')
Largo Appassionato
Itsuki No Komori Uta
In Metaphor, Solace
I Still Dream About You, Sometimes But Not Always
Homeless (Luke Howard)
Girls And Boys (Leslie Pearson)
Family (Luke Howard)
Emperor's Hymn
Elysian Fields (Luke Howard)
Elegy (Christopher Gunning)
Echoes (Christopher Gunning)
Duane Street
Dance The Night Lipa, Dua
Circles (Luke Howard)
Carnival Of Venice (Giulio Briccialdi)
Bossa España
Bear Story II
Balletto Detto Il Squilletti
August (Luke Howard)
Antoinette Boulevard
An Aria (with dancing)
A Softer World
Fought & Lost (feat. Brian May) Ryder, Sam
Heavenly Kind Of State Of Mind Capaldi, Lewis
Burning (Lewis Capaldi) Capaldi, Lewis
Love The Hell Out Of You Capaldi, Lewis
Leave Me Slowly Capaldi, Lewis
How This Ends Capaldi, Lewis
The Pretender (Lewis Capaldi) Capaldi, Lewis
Poor Unfortunate Souls (from The Little Mermaid) (2023) McCarthy, Melissa
Kiss The Girl (from The Little Mermaid) (2023) Daveed Diggs, Awkwafina, & Jacob Tremblay
Hogwarts' March (from Harry Potter) (arr. Carol Matz)
Bringt mir den Kopf von Donald Trump Nordpol, Löwen am
Was ich gerade denke Goldenbaum, Martin
When I Am Laid In Earth (Dido’s Lament From "Dido and Aeneas")
Weasel's Words
Ten Songs for Cello and Violin
Ständchen in D Minor
Sonata In D Minor (K32, L423)
My Friend Chloe
Menuet (HWV 434)
Megan In The Morning
I Mean Morgan
Hooray For Henry
Hero (Alan Walker) Walker, Alan
Haven't You Ever Been In Love Before Capaldi, Lewis
Gwendoline Smiles
Francesca (Hozier) Hozier
Dolly's Funeral (from Children's Album Op.39, No.8)
Come, Sweet Death
Calypso (Daryl Runswick)
Bix Blasts Off
Any Kind Of Life Capaldi, Lewis
Nie stärker als jetzt Giesinger, Max
36Grad 2raumwohnung
Wenn Sie Tanzt Giesinger, Max
Hoch im Norden Santiano
Auf beiden Beinen LOTTE
Frei wie der Wind Santiano
Gott muss ein Seemann sein Santiano
Dance The Night (from Barbie The Album) Lipa, Dua
The Lady In Red Wrubel, Allie
London Blues (Shoe Shiner's Drag) Morton, Ferdinand 'Jelly Roll'
Sacred Fire Class, Sarah
The Scuttlebutt (from The Little Mermaid) (2023) Diggs, Daveed
The Scuttlebutt (from The Little Mermaid) (2023) Awkwafina
I Want To Be Just Like You Phillips, Craig & Dean
Hasta Que Vuelvas Miguel, Luis
Dream Is Collapsing (from Inception) Zimmer, Hans