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Some Other Songs Recently Added

Song Title   Known From Artist/Alternative Song Title
Get Over It (OK Go) OK Go
Californian Soil London Grammar
At My Worst Sweat$, Pink
Haul Away, Joe
Eliza Lee
Rolling Down To Old Maui
Song Of The Vikings
Randy Dandy-O
Spanish Ladies
The Bonnie Ship The Diamond
Your Power Eilish, Billie
Paddy Doyle's Boots
We Shall Walk Through The Valley
As You Think In Your Heart (Proverbs 4:23; 23:7)
Anthem Of Rejoicing
The Water Is Wide (arr. Greg Gilpin)
Painting The Sun Lanz, David
Spanish Blue Lanz, David
Morrison's Jig
You're Nothing Without Me (from City Of Angels)
Amavolovolo (arr. Rudolf de Beer)
Boogie Woogie Romp [Boogie-woogie version]
Bird Of Prey Doors, The
Bird Of Prey Winston, George
Burden Of Life (from A Man Of No Importance: A New Musical)
Love (from 'Keeping Faith')
John Hughes Movie Peters, Maisie
If I Didn't Have You Banners
Come Home To Me Léon
Reception Wings
Again And Again And Again McCartney, Paul
Again And Again And Again Wings
The Broadcast Wings
It Couldn't Please Me More (from Cabaret)
Where Do We Find Joy?
Dancing Waters Jones, Michael
The Green Room Gratz, Wayne
Aspens In January Gettel, Michael
First Light (Michael Whalen) Whalen, Michael
As I Fall Gratz, Wayne
The Cello's Song Kostia
The Cello's Song Arkenstone, David
First Touch Kostia
Dreams Of A Child Jones, Michael
Final Snowfall Gettel, Michael
Steps In The Sand Gratz, Wayne
The Shape Of Her Face Whalen, Michael
Beloved (David Lanz) Lanz, David
Old Family Portrait Kostia
Tapestry (Michael Jones) Jones, Michael
In My Tree Pearl Jam
Love Is A Compass (Disney supporting Make-A-Wish) Griff
I Am With You (from Disney's At Home with Olaf) Gad, Josh
Cold By His Cradle The Dewdrops Are Shining
Mary Had A Baby (arr. Stacey V. Gibbs)
Crowin' On Sourwood Mountain (arr. Mary Donnelly and George L.O. Strid)
Holding Our Breath
A La Nanita Nana (with Coventry Carol)
Barun Barune (arr. Amy Stephen and Amir Haghighi)
Lullaby For The World Mahers, The
Dancing With The Devil Lovato, Demi
Vasoline Stone Temple Pilots
Sour Girl Stone Temple Pilots
Battle Belongs Wickham, Phil
St. Louis Blues [Boogie-woogie version] (arr. Eugénie Rocherolle)
It's Today (from Mame)
Ice Cream (from Anne Of Green Gables)
Ezz-thetic Russell, George
Found/Tonight Platt, Ben
Found/Tonight Miranda, Lin-Manuel
Sabotage (Bebe Rexha) Rexha, Bebe
Only With You (from Nine)
But Alive (from Applause)
Fair House Of Joy Quilter, Roger
Shy Away Twenty One Pilots
The Enchantment Lanz, David
Swayin' To The Music (Slow Dancin') Tempchin, Jack
Nostalgia (Stephan Moccio) Moccio, Stephan
Killing Time (Carolyn Leigh; Jule Styne)
Time And Again (Noel Coward)
The Other Woman, The Other Man Kenny, Gerard
The Laughing Violin
Tenement Symphony
Einsamer Hirte (a.k.a. "The Lonely Shepherd")
Berceuse (Frank Bridge)
Anywhere Away From Here Rag'n'Bone Man
Anywhere Away From Here Pink
The Old Fashioned Way (Les Plaisirs Demodes) Aznavour, Charles
Prelude: Sunrise Follows Moon Lanz, David
Liverpool (feat. Walter Gray & Gary Lanz) Lanz, David
Liverpool (feat. Walter Gray & Gary Lanz) Beatles, The
Seoul Improvisation Lanz, David
First Kiss (David Arkenstone) Arkenstone, David
Sir George Lanz, David
Silver Threads (Without You) Lanz, Kristin Amarie
Silver Threads (Without You) Lanz, David
Silhouette of Love Lanz, Kristin Amarie
Silhouette of Love Lanz, David
Found by Love's Return Lanz, Kristin Amarie
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