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Harp Sheet Music

The harp is a majestical stringed musical instrument of beauty. They date back centuries and their use has been recorded in Asia, Africa and Europe, as early as 15,000 BC.

There are many different versions but they are generally in one of two categories - the frame and the open harp. Probably, the most well known type is the Concert Harp - which has seven pedals. The pedals allow the instrument to be tuned whilst played in one pitch-class. Harps can have between 1 and 90 strings! The largest harps are to be found in Africa.

Modern harpists only use just their first four fingers - this on each hand. They tend to pluck near the centre using the pads of their fingers. Irish harpists are known to use their fingernails instead.

Two common musical playing styles are prominent with harp playing: the arpeggio which is formed of the rapid succession of notes and the glissando which is made by sweeping the hands across the strings.

Finally, the harp is well known for being the symbol that appears on Guinness bottles, glass and packaging - it symbolises the beer's roots which are in Ireland.

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