Biography of Grahame Davies

Grahame was a programmer of computer systems when the idea of communication networks attracted him. He became a pioneer of Internet access in the UK when, in 1992, he co-founded the first dial-up Internet Service Provider Demon Internet. In those days www. meant nothing as the World-Wide Web as we now know it was not yet invented.

Later he was Group Managing Director at Easynet Group Plc, a listed- pan-European Internet Service Provider, for 6 years and is now a consultant and business angel.

Grahame has been involved at board level with many internet industry organisations including Nominet (the .uk domain registry), IWF (the Internet Watch Foundation which runs a hotline for illegal content), and he has been a director and chairman of LINX (The London Internet Exchange - the largest peering point in the EME&A region) for over 6 years.

He is a private investor, struggling pianist and has a mountain of sheet music to work through.