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Led Zeppelin

Our Led Zeppelin Sheet Music is available below. We have 84 songs for Led Zeppelin Piano, Vocal and Guitar Sheet Music and other instruments.

This includes 1 Duet.

Genre: Rock, Popular & Folk, Supplementary, Boogie & Blues, Metal and More

Rock bands don't come much bigger than Led Zeppelin. Self-assured of their success, they not only named their first album for their band but their first four albums.

Jimmy Page and Robert Plant formed the New Yardbirds in 1968 but shortly changed the band's name. The old name was a bit lame so they were looking for something new. Allegedly Page was drinking with two of The Who (Moon and Entwhistle), and they ere moaning about their band-mates (Daltrey and Townshend). The idea of teaming up with Jimmy was bandied around and one of them said "Yeah, that will go down like a lead balloon". This sparked the idea of "Lead Zeppelin" in Jimmy, a Zeppelin being a large balloon in essence. The name would nicely conflict against an existing, but far less successful, band Iron Buttterfly. They dropped the "a" so Americans would not mispronounce it.

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