Frequently Asked Questions

Where are my purchases?

You need to Login to your account to see your order history then print off your purchases

Why can't I see a score?

We use the Avid Viewer Great Scores licenced to display the majority of our pieces. This is officially supported by PC and Apple Mac computers using Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari, Firefox or Chrome.

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Why can I only preview part of a score?

As we need to protect our copyright, we can unfortunately only let customers preview part of the score. For Scores of two pages length, you will be able to preview the first page, scores that are longer than two pages may have two pages to preview. In order to improve the buying experience, the playback will however continue further into the score, and in most cases close to the final bar.

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Why does the playback stop early?

In order to protect our copyright, we have to stop the playback before the end of the score. In most cases the playback will run very close to the final bar however, thus giving you a very good picture of the overall nature of the piece.

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What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards. All payments are handled by PayPal.

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How do your levels work?

For a detailed description of our levels, please go to the Levels page.

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Why can't I find a certain piece?

There are several ways to find a piece. If you are using our search function, and you are unsure of the correct spelling of a piece, just enter the first few letters of the composer or piece, and our search engine will locate all matches. Alternatively you can browse our Composers page, or browse the A-Z list of pieces, or browse by genre. If you are still unable to locate your piece, then we might not have it. We update the site on a weekly basis, and you might want to send us your suggestion for a new piece.

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I paid for a piece, put my printer ran out of ink/paper. Can I print again?

After you have inserted a full ink cartridge, or put more paper into your printer, press the resume button on your printer. Should you still have problems, then Contact us.

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